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Make them work how you want

You’ve chosen the size and screen for your Video Brochures, what will you use them for and how do want them to function?


Hard or soft cover? Just like the difference between a paper back and hard back book, the soft cover is more usual but go with a hard back to make a statement.


Most choose 3 buttons – play with volume up and down – but up to 9 are possible. If you want 2 or more videos, or perhaps a longer video, then rewind, fast forward or skip could be useful. Essentially the range of buttons you’ll find on most media players are available.


There’s enough memory on board for up to 10 minutes of video but you can have more if you wish. To work out how much you need, as a rough guide, when your HD and 4K files are processed for the smaller Video Brochure screens, 1 minute of video uses approximately 20 – 30 MB.


Each Video Brochure contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery whose capacity (mAh) is matched to your choice of screen size, powering it for up to 80 minutes before needing a top up. Need more time between charges? You can choose to add a bigger battery!


The default setting is for the video to begin playing as the brochure is opened. However you may require the viewer to press a ‘play’ button to start the video, just let us now if that’s the case. 


If you have additional printed items you’d like to include with the Video Brochure – pamphlet, flyer, invite, reply card, menu, etc – you can add a pocket to pop them in.

Extra Pages

Maybe 4 printed pages isn’t quite enough? How about a 6 page Video Brochure, or would some additional leaves be helpful? We could even build a brochure around a booklet you’ve already had produced.

Headphone Socket

Looking to use Video Brochures for how-tos, employee training, inductions or similar? You may find a headphone socket a worthwhile addition – sparing your colleagues from hearing the same presentation yet again!

Item Recess

Have a small item you’d like to include with the Video Brochure, like a pen or USB? We’ll create a small recess for the item to sit snuggly inside, which is revealed when the brochure is opened.


Want to know more about configuring your perfect Video Brochure, or just have some general questions? Use this form to let us know and we’ll be in touch as quickly as we can.

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